Adirondack Association of Towns & Villages

George Cannon

June 18, 2017


                    GEORGE CANNON SERVICES

                    July 1, 2017  (Saturday)

                    1:00 - 3:00

                    Memorial Service begins at 3:00 


                    Newcomb Central School

                    5535 State Rte 28n

                    Newcomb, NY 12852 



On behalf the AATV Executive Board, it is with a heavy heart that we regret to inform you that founding member, long time President and friend to all … George Cannon passed away last evening.


Regardless of political affiliation or ideology all that came to know George were drawn like a magnet into his orbit by his gregarious nature and sincere magnetism. George earned respect and admiration from his Newcomb constituents to the corridors of power by revealing passion, knowledge of the issues, and most importantly character. He was an unintentional mentor to all of us that care for our communities. His unparalleled influence, vision and determination to make this park a better place for the people who call it home will be forever lasting.


George did not partake in the belief that those whom you passionately disagree with should also be your enemy. Rather he took every opportunity to find what we share in common to pursue a resolution. … and a friendly cocktail afterwards never hurt.


For those of us who were fortunate enough to spend time with him walking the halls of Albany in search of a balanced approach to Adirondack issues, playing a round of golf on a Sunday morning, or dining at El Quijote’s in New York … George was more than a comrade in arms … he was a true friend.!


Over the next few days this association … that he loved and carried on his back for so many years … will explore how we may pay a more lasting tribute to his life. But for now, we ask that you keep Monica, his children and the people of the Adirondacks he cared so passionately about in your thoughts and prayers